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Service Vehicles

The College of Charleston offers service vehicle parking passes to persons driving company-owned vehicles and who require the use of the vehicle to perform a service for the College community. Persons who do not require the use of their vehicle to perform a service for the College are required to seek parking at a city-operated parking garage or meter.

To obtain a service vehicle parking pass you must submit a signed Service Vehicle Parking form to the Office of Parking Services, along with your vehicle registration. (This form is available from Physical Plant or the Office of Residence Life, and must be approved by one of these two departments prior to being submitted to the Office of Parking Services). Service permits will be available at a cost of $6/day, $30/week or $100/month. Passes will be issued upon receipt of payment. Your service vehicle pass will allow you to park in any service vehicle parking space on campus. Please see the parking map for service space locations.

NOTE: Service vehicle parking passes that were issued prior to December 31, 2006 are no longer valid.

Service space locations may change. Please contact Parking Services for an updated listing of service vehicle space locations.

Please contact the Office of Parking Services at 843.953.7834 for more information concerning service vehicle parking on the College of Charleston campus.