Accessible Parking

Persons with a valid state-issued placard can park in a garage free of charge. Upon exiting, the driver must present their driver's license to the cashier for verification. Cashier hours vary by location; please check signage at the garage entrance for cashier hours to ensure one will be on duty when you exit.

Visitors to the College of Charleston who require accessible parking should park at a meter or in a garage.

College of Charleston Accessible Permits for Employees and Students

College of Charleston employees and students who require accessible parking permits must apply in Campus Services HQ at 162 Calhoun Street. A valid Cougar Card and a valid South Carolina state-issued handicapped placard registered to the applicant must be presented with the application. Persons failing to present an ID or handicapped placard will not be eligible to apply for or purchase an accessible parking permit.

After the handicapped placard has been verified with the Department of Motor Vehicles, the applicant will be notified within one week of submitting an application if they are eligible to purchase a permit.

College of Charleston accessible parking permits are valid only in accessible parking spaces in College parking lots. Accessible spaces are painted blue and/or are marked by a College of Charleston accessible parking sign. A College of Charleston accessible permit must be properly displayed in all vehicles that are parked in accessible spaces from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Please note that Campus Services HQ cannot issue temporary accessible permits to persons who do not have South Carolina state-issued handicapped placards.

Due to the limited supply and increased demand for van accessible parking, several van accessible parking spaces are reserved for vans with side lifts only. The reserved spaces are marked with a sign that reads SIDE LIFT VAN PARKING ONLY. Only vans with side lifts should park in these reserved spaces. Vehicles without side lifts that are parked in these reserved spaces will be ticketed.

If you experience difficulty locating an available accessible parking space, please contact Campus Services HQ at 843.953.1100. Vehicles with a valid accessible permit that are parked in a space that is not designated as accessible are subject to ticketing/towing.

Please email Campus Services HQ or call 843.953.1100 for more information concerning accessible parking on the College of Charleston campus.