Alternative Parking

With respect to off-campus parking that is not sold by the College of Charleston: The College is acting only as an online host for private parties in the downtown Charleston area to advertise available parking spaces for sale. THE COLLEGE DOES NOT MAKE ANY REPRESENTATION ABOUT ANY PERSON, COMPANY, OR LOCATION ON THE ALTERNATIVE PARKING LIST. FURTHERMORE, WE CANNOT ENDORSE OR RECOMMEND A FACILITY THAT IS NOT UNDER THE JURISDICTION OF THE COLLEGE OF CHARLESTON'S DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC SAFETY. In pursuing alternative resources for parking spaces, students and/or parents assume the responsibility of determining the safety of the parking location and the surrounding neighborhood.

Location Pricing Information Contact Name Contact Information
various various

Palmetto Parking, 8 Cumberland St., Ste. 200

11 Bull St. $2,400/semester; 24/7 parking Dan Schmidt

165 St. Philip St. $200/month Leroy Linen


292 Meeting St. (corner of Meeting & George) Contact for current rate; 24/7 access Spoleto Festival USA


13 George St. (off Meeting St. behind CresCom Bank) Contact for current rate; 24/7 access (mid-size or compact cars only) Spoleto Festival USA


220 Calhoun St. $150/month William Severence


132 Smith St. $165/month Jennifer/Southeastern Management Group, Inc.

843.577.8595, ext. 17,

76 Morris St. $2,000/semester; 24/7 access, fenced lot Richards Gregory


72 Beaufain St. (corner of Kirkland & Beaufain) $2,000 for one year (8/1/2020-7/31/2021); 24/7 access, mid-size or small cars only Reece Wrenn


29 Coming St. Up to 18 spaces available; prices start at $200/month; 24/7 parking RD Neal Property Management

1056 King St. (off Poinsett St.) $120/month; 24/7 access Vinny


HAH Parking App - locations vary

Download the HAH parking app to book daily & hourly parking options near you (Note: not for long-term parking)



38 Bull St.

$2,400 per semester or $250/month for the summer; designated spaces with 24/7 access (Available for summer 2023, fall 2023 and spring 2024)



145 St. Philip St.

$250/month, start 8/1/2023

Meredith/Southeastern Management Group, Inc., 843.577.8595 ext. 21

39-41 Mary St.

Gated parking with 24/7 access; $250/month starting 8/1/2023

Emily Williams/Southeastern Management Group, Inc., 843.577.8595 ext. 23

70 Line St.

24hr access; fenced; $1,300/semester

Richards Gregory


49 Radcliffe St.

7 spaces; 24hr access; $250/month (paid quarterly)

Kathryn Majike

26 Morris St.

24/7 access; $150/month (six-month minimum); up to 15 spaces available *All spaces reserved until May 2024

Southern Charmed Hospitality Group, 843.277.1601

73 Pitt St.

$250/month (4 spots available as of 8/21/2023); designated spaces with 24/7 access; mid-size or small vehicles only.

Evan Rose