Faculty and staff members who require parking must apply each academic year in advance. The Office of Parking Services will send e-mail notices when applications are available. Applications will be available via the MyCharleston.

NOTE: Employees who submit an application will be assigned parking for the entire academic year, Fall – Summer II.

Employee parking assignments are based on an employee's parking eligibility date which includes all years of state employment plus any temporary service time at the College of Charleston. If you have a question about or dispute with your parking eligibility date, please contact Human resources.


If you require a 2019-2020 employee parking permit and did not purchase a permit in advance of this academic year, please visit the Parking Services office to inquire about the available locations and to complete a parking application. Once the initial assignments are made for an academic year, we typically have only garage permits available for sale for the remainder of the academic year (*Exception: motorcycle/moped permits, evening-only permits, and Handicap Accessible permits).

If you are interested in upgrading to another location during the academic year, please email parkingservices@cofc.edu with a wish list request. In your message, be specific by lot abbreviations. Wish list reassignments are based strictly upon seniority, which includes all years of state employment plus any temporary service time at the College of Charleston.

Wish list reassignments are made throughout the academic year any time spaces become available. When a space opens up in a particular location, we check the wish list to see who is interested in moving to that location, and the employee with the most seniority on the wish list will be offered the available space.


The online parking applications for the 2020-2021 academic year will be available via employees’ parking accounts in My Charleston in mid-April (exact date TBD). If you haven’t received notification of the application process by Monday, 4/20/2020, please check here for updates or contact the Parking Services office.

Carpool Program

Employees who participate in a carpool may elect to split the cost of one permit, either up front or through payroll deduction. Employees wishing to participate in a carpool must apply in person at the Office of Parking Services on or before the application deadline date.

Alternate Parking Options

CARTA Services

Service on CARTA Express is free of charge to all College of Charleston faculty, staff, and students with a valid Cougar Card, and there is no charge for parking at the park and ride lots serviced by these buses.  For more information please visit CARTA. Employees who use CARTA Express as their primary mode of transportation are entitled to up to three emergency rides home per year (reimbursable after the fact with proof of purchase). To take advantage of this service, you must be registered with Lowcountry Go. For more information and to register for this benefit, visit Ride Low Go. CARTA also offers a HOP shuttle from a park-and-ride lot located at 999 Morrison Drive.  Parking is $5 per day, and the shuttle runs from 6AM to 1AM seven days a week.  For more information regarding CARTA services please visit www.ridecarta.com

Discounted Daily Garage Parking

The Office of Parking Services has teamed up with Cougar Card Services to offer reduced-price garage parking for employees who only drive to campus occasionally. The reduced price of $10 per day will be valid on a first-come first-serve basis in the Wentworth (WG) and St. Phillip (PG) Garages. To take advantage of this benefit the Cougar Cash account is the required form of payment upon exit from the garage. Simply pull a ticket when entering the garage, and then present the cashier with your ticket and your Cougar Card upon exit. The parking fee will be withdrawn from your Cougar Cash account and a receipt will be provided. *You must ensure that your Cougar Card balance is at least $10 before you exit the garage, because Cougar Cash must be the form of payment in order to take advantage of the discounted pricing.

If your visit to campus is brief and your parking fees for the day are less than $10, your Cougar Card will be charged the exact price owed. To inquire about adding funds to your Cougar Card, please visit the Cougar Card office, or call Cougar Card Services at 953-1100.

Please take note of the following guidelines and restrictions of the discounted daily garage parking program:

  • Your Cougar Card must bear the designation of “EMPLOYEE” or “FACULTY” (student or other Cougar Cards will not be accepted).
  • If you will be leaving campus later than 7 PM on weekdays or 5 PM on weekends, you should consider parking at WG instead of PG. PG is not staffed 24/7, but there is a cashier on duty 24/7 at WG. If you will be leaving campus late and prefer to park in PG, we suggest that you step up to the cashier booth upon your arrival and speak to the cashier to make sure that he or she will still be on duty when you plan to exit the garage. We can only offer the benefit of the discounted daily rate if a cashier is in the booth to handle the transaction.
  • If you exit the garage and re-enter on the same day, you will be subject to paying up to $10 for each exit.
  • The discounted daily rate is intended for DAILY parking only, not long-term parking. If you park your vehicle in the garage and leave it there for more than one day, you will be charged $10 for the first day, and the daily rate (minimum $18) for any subsequent days

Evening And Weekend Parking

Any employee permit is valid in any faculty/staff surface lot (Except WA Lot and B Lot) after 3:00 pm Monday through Friday and all day on weekends. Beginning with the 2018-2019 academic year, we will offer three different types of employee evening permits for employees who do not need parking during peak times:

  • PG Garage afternoon/evening permit: PRICE = $450 annually. This permit will be valid after 1:45pm on weekdays and all day on weekends, and is not valid in any other location.
  • Traditional evening permit for surface lots = PRICE = $125 annually. This permit is valid after 3pm on weekdays and all day on weekends in any employee surface lot except for B Lot and WA Lot.
  • PG Garage evening permit: PRICE = $200. This permit will be valid after 4:45pm on weekdays and all day on weekends, and is not valid in any other location.

Available Parking And Fees (Subject to Change)

Core Surface Parking ($650/Year)

  • AD (next to the Addlestone Library)
  • B (south side of the Simons Center building)
  • BS (behind 24 Bull St.)
  • CD (rear of 88 Wentworth St.)
  • EF (adjacent Central Energy)
  • GC (30 Coming St.)
  • GS (4, 14 and 22 Glebe St.)
  • GY (34 George St.)
  • I (114 Wentworth St.)
  • J (94 Wentworth St.)
  • JJ (14 Coming St.)
  • MC (270 Pitt St.)
  • PP (45 Coming St.)
  • R (9 Liberty St.)
  • RL (40 Coming St.)
  • WA (170 Calhoun St.)
  • Z (125 Bull St.)
  • W (298-300 Meeting St.)

Perimeter Surface Parking ($300/Year)

  • LK Lot (located behind 176 Lockwood Blvd.)

Core Garage Parking ($750/Year)

  • PG (St. Philip St. Garage)
  • WG (Wentworth Garage)
  • Perimeter Garage Parking ($600/Year)AG (Aquarium Garage)
  • Fourth floor and above ONLY

Motorcycle/Moped Surface Parking ($175/Year)

  • Designated spaces in: PP lot (“MP”), the north side of Berry Residence Hall next to McAlister (“MM”), in the AD Lot near the Addlestone Library (“MA”), and in between Starbucks and the Treasurer's Office on Calhoun Street (“MW”).

Employee Handicap Accessible Parking ($300/Year)

  • Refer to parking map for locations.
  • You must have a state-issued handicap placard to purchase an HA Permit. If you apply for an HA permit, please bring your state-issued handicap placard to the Office of Parking Services for verification.

Evening Parking ($125/Year)

  • Allows you to park in any core surface faculty/staff lot (except WA Lot and B Lot) after 3:00 p.m. weekdays and all day on weekends.

PG Evening Parking ($200/Year)

  • Valid in PG Garage ONLY after 4:45 PM weekdays and all day on weekends.  
  • This permit is not valid in any other location.

PG Afternoon/Evening Parking ($450/Year)

  • Valid in PG Garage ONLY after 1:45 PM on weekdays and all day on weekends.  
  • This permit is not valid in any other location.

NOTE: WG and AG garage permits require a $20 refundable card deposit.

Payment of Fees

Employee parking fees can be paid using the payroll deduction method. Effective 1/1/2019, there will no longer be an option to have payroll deductions for parking taken out before earnings are taxed; all payroll deductions will be taken on a “post-tax” basis, i.e.; after all applicable taxes have been deducted from earnings. Parking fees for temporary employees using the payroll deduction method will be deducted from the first twelve paychecks for the academic year. Persons who park in AG Garage or WG Garage and opt to use the payroll deduction method must pay the $20 refundable magnetic card deposit in the Office of Parking Services on or before payment deadline date. Parking fees can also be paid in full in advance in the Office of Parking Services by check, cash, money order, and Master, Visa or Discover card.

Employees leaving the College prior to the end of the academic year must return their parking permits/garage cards to Parking Services before leaving. Upon receipt of a returned permit/garage card, the Office of Parking Services will stop the employee's payroll deductions and/or issue a prorated refund.

Monthly Permits

Qualifying employees who wish to purchase permits on a monthly basis will be able to do so beginning in August, 2018. Eligible employees are:

  • Employees with the designation of “CONTRACTOR” on their Cougar Cards (Aramark, Barnes & Noble, etc.)
  • Temporary employees and adjunct instructors who prefer the monthly option over the annual option

Monthly permits will be available for PG Garage and will be priced as follows: 24/7 garage access permits for $65/month; permits valid after 1:45pm on weekdays and all day on weekends for $40/month; and evening permits valid after 4:45pm on weekdays and all day on weekends for $20/month. Monthly permits will also be available at the LK Lot (behind the College's office building at 176 Lockwood Blvd.) for $25/month. For further information on monthly permits, please contact the Office of Parking Services.

Accessible Parking

Employees who require accessible parking should complete an accessible parking permit application each year in the Office of Parking Services. Please see the section regarding Accessible Parking for more information.